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PROS: Lunch Special includes Soda (other Dominican restaurants have no soda included), Food is Delicious. Will include Beans with Rice at no additional charge upon Request in the Comments section. Prices are Fair as of Jun 2016.

CONS: If it matters: No Toast Included on Lunch Specials, Beef Stew is Stew Beef with no gravy. Hardly reasons to pass on their offer, though.

All in all, I recommend them over some of their neighbors offering Spanish fare.


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I usually get the half roasted chicken with rice and salad, and a side of tostones. You can't beat the value: great tasting rotisserie, rice and beans. The food is enough to feed 2 and only costs $8. Plus they are super fast at delivering.


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Delicious food, great portions, excellent delivery time - haven't found a good go to DR restaurant since Miami, well until now :) New fav spot! Try the chicharron pollo, queso Frito, or the half chicken with rice and beans.


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The food is always great from here delivery time is ok they just need to pay attention to the special notes like when people don't want things on their food or things put on the side but overall a great restaurant to order from


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I like that they never mess up an order, and if they are in doubt they call you to verify everything. Usually they don't take too long, which is a plus!

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It doesn't floor me, but I've basically become a regular here ovet the last year, have ordered all over the menu and am happy enough to keep coming back regularly. Everything works out well, including the seafood I've had, so I'd suggest getting what calls to you or something traditional you're not familiar with. The low delivery minimum and cheap prices are nice, too.


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Yo. I am from NYC born n raised. I also grew up pt in san juan. The food here is very very very lit aka authentic. If you dun like it or think the people who work here r rude it is because you r an entitled trust fund pollo, who doesn't know how to interact with peeople of other cultures. This is my favorite place in da area for sure. Food is amazing to perfect!


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I just wish they would treat my order like it is the very first time I am ordering with them instead of throwing my food into the bag without a care in the world. And sending me a a drink half empty. Otherwise they best place to order from, I still love this place!


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My only issue is that they don't pack certain dishes well. Particularly, the fish. By the time it got to me and in only 2 blocks away, it had spilled inside the bag. Maybe use the tinfoil round pan. Other than that, the food here is good.


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The food was delicious but the side salad did not lol fresh. I hope the Resturant reads this because I enjoyed the Ox tail and rice and beans it was amazing. But the salad was quite un pleasing to the eye.

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